A Sound Is Not (Just A Sound) - Album

by Lens J / Sirlensalot

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PRE-masters of a 16 Track album with lots of wordsamples around the topic of my exhibition and project "Legends Never Die" that deals with self-staging, pop culture, entertainment, art production and market. The Album and additional materials (images, texts, sounds) have been exclusively available on a DEAD DROP that was part of my exhibition "Legends Never Die" (2015).


released July 8, 2016

* Vocals written and performed by Silowette of The Annexx Clique
** Original performed by Darc Mind, Mindbenda 1996
*** Scratches performed by Dj Kompact, Sonido Ojo Rojo 2015
**** Original performed by Le Makizar (de Kalhex), Akromegalie Records 2016, From The Upcoming Album „Schèma De Vie“.

All tracks produced by Lens J (aka Sirlensalot)
Premastered by Dj Kompact, © Lens 2016

The album through and through via youtube stream:



all rights reserved


Lens J / Sirlensalot Vienna, Austria

Fine Art with a focus on photography and audio-visual media as a profession. Addicted to music and vinyl since the mid 90s.

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Track Name: Intro Skit
Whenever we hear sounds,
we are changed,
we are no longer the same.
after having heard certain sounds.
And this is the more the case,
when we hear organized sounds,
organized by another human being,
Track Name: Escalade Pt.I (Negativity Brings Failure)
B.I.G: You know what I’m saying,
Her son is cool. He ain’t in the streets doing no wrong.
He try to make it happen.
I’ve got to stay on the positive vibe. All my people got to stay on the positive vibe.
Negativity just brings failure, you know.
And we aint goin to try to fail in this game, we’re trying to succeed.

B.I.G Mother: My son is a poet; was a poet.
He was a writer. My son,
he, would be the first to tell you: „I write what I see and write and rap about what I hear. People’s experience, some of them my experience. A story that was out there.“ A story that he wanted to be told.
Track Name: Escalade Pt.II (Peace In The Middle East)
2Pac: Thats my new style.
Ey! Have a good summer!
Have a good summer…

Suge Knight: You know everybody makes mistakes. Especially all the Rap Artists.
If they get in trouble, these guys have high power lawyers.
They have high power lawyers. Nine out of ten, they would never ever, you know, come to the penetantiary.
But the guys in the inner city. If they get in trouble, they go to prison for a long time.

B.I.G: I was more the mind-framer.
Keep your mouth shut BIG, you know what I’m saying. Just don’t feed into it.
If you feed into it, things are going to do nothing but escalade, you know what I’m saying.

Suge Knight: In the media, what’s going on today is.
A lot of kids they get their input out of rap music, or rap artists or entertainment.

2Pac: Thats my new style!

Suge Knight: Peace in the Middle East!
Peace In the middle east!

Ok, I put it like this.
Track Name: Escalade Pt.III (Weak Or Strong)
BIG: The weak or the strong,
who got it going on?

Who got it going on?
The weak or the strong?
Track Name: Bucket Of Blood (1959)
Life is an obscure hobo bumming a ride on the underbust of art, nothing else.

I will talk to you of art,
for there is nothing else to talk about.
For there is nothing else.
(Chorus repeats)

I will talk to you of art …
Track Name: Rock or Statue Skit
A canvas is a canvas, or a painting.
A rock is a rock, or a statue.
A sound is a sound, or is music.
Track Name: In Your Jeep
When they pumpin in the jeeps its gonna rock right - true!
In the streets its gonna rock right - true
At a show its gonna rock right - true
When we go with the butters boo, you know how we do!
(Chorus repeats)

When they pumpin in the jeeps its gonna rock right - true!
In the streets its gonna rock right - true
At a show its gonna rock right - true
When we go with the butters boo, you know how we
rock - rock on.
Track Name: Austrialian Snowflakes
Mr Universe Competition Host:
Countries in alphabetical order.
Austrialia, Austrialia,… We need Australia.
Will you get your plan together.
Bagdad, …

A. Schwarzenegger:
I feel its going to be between me and Ken Waller for the overall championship.

Other Contestants:
No, I dont worry about them cats anyway.
There is only one guy I worry about and thats Robbie.
Nah. He’s good, relaxed to me.
His arms aren’t big enough to match his chest.
His dies are to big for his cafs
He only hits one pose.
He looks like a big spider.
Track Name: Endurance Skit
A. Schwarzenegger:
The body is not used to maybe the ninth, thenth, eleventh and twelvth wrap with a certain weight. So that makes the body grow then. Going through this pain barrier. Experiencing pain in your muscles and acking and just think: go on… and go on and go on. And this last two or three or four repetitions, thats what actually makes the muscles then grow. And that divides one from a champion or not being a champion. If you can go through this pain barrier you make it to be a champion. If you cant go through, forget it. And thats what most people lack.
Having the guts. The guts to go in and just say: I go through, and I dont care what happens. It ackes and if i fall down, i have no fear of fainting in the gym because I know it could happen. I threw up many times while I was working out. But it does not matter, because its all worth it.
Track Name: Outside Looking In (Remix/Darc Mind) *
… but we looking out ...
Track Name: The Shit Skit
No! No! No! No!
This isn’t right!
This is nothing.
This is shit.
There is nothing there.
There is no feeling, there is no drama, there is no passion.
You’re becoming simply a technician.
Its a wasted my time, I cant do nothing with this.
Its a mockery.

A work of pure unadulterated ego.
It is absolute shit.
I never thought it would come to this.
Track Name: Sublime feat. Silowette / Annexx Clique (Original) **
Sublime Outro:

Sublime, the philosophy.
In esthetics the sublime is the quality of greatness.
Whether physical, moral, intellectual, metaphysical, esthetic, spiritual, or artistic.
The term especially refers to a greatness beyond all possibility of calculation, measurement, or imitation.

The philosophy.
Track Name: Tradin' Places (Fame Scratch) ***
Tradin' Places want a piece of the pie.
Good guy, bad guy we is got to die.
Its all a game. Some will make the hall of fame,
while others die in vain, trying to front for a name.
(Chorus repeats)
Track Name: Outro Skit
Barrack Obama addressing Donald Trump:

We can finally get back to the issues that matter. Like:
Did we fake the moon landing?
What really happened in Roosevelt?
And where are Biggie and 2Pac?

(Obama really said that; putting the legend of Biggie and 2Pac in line with the one circling around the Moon Landing and Roosevelt.)