Darkroom Debuts (Ep)

by Lenson Piquet

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PHYSICAL RELEASE with additional tunes in 2017:

Premasters of a 3 Track Deep House/House Ep with wordsamples that correlate with the topic of my exhibition "Legends Never Die". Lyrical focus: Self portrayal, narcissism and photographic darkroom work. The Title is a quote with regard to the popular "Boiler Room Debuts"

One Preview Track. The others are exclusively available on a "USB Dead Drop" in my exhibition "Legends Never Die". Strauchgasse 2, 1010 Vienna. To get it you have to go see the exhibition until 4.12.2015.

Track 01: Home Is Where (You Clean Your Darkroom)
Track 02: Higher Than The Universe
Track 03: Good Things Grow


released October 2, 2016

All tracks produced by Lens J (aka Lenson Piquet)
Premastered by Dj Kompact, © Lens 2015



all rights reserved


Lens J / Sirlensalot Vienna, Austria

Fine Art with a focus on photography and audio-visual media as a profession. Addicted to music and vinyl since the mid 90s.

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Track Name: Higher Than The Universe (When I Pose Out)
The most satisfying feeling you can get it… The Pump
Its like somebody is blowing air into your muscle.
It just blows up and it feels different.
It feels fantastic.

Its as satisfying to me as cumming is
You know. As having sex with a woman and cuming
So can you believe how much I am in heaven?

I’m like getting the feeling of cuming in the gym!
I’m like getting the feeling of cuming at home!
I’m like getting the feeling of cuming back stage!
When I pump up. When I pose out!
When I pose out. When I pump up!

Pump Up. When I pose out!
Pump Up. When I pose out!
Pump Up. When I pose out!

When I pump up infront of 5000 people, I get the same feeling
So I’m cuming day and night. I mean its terrific right?
So you know? I’m in heaven!

Tell Louis that I say hi…!
You know. No matter what.

At the day of the contest.
If he comes in his best shape he’s equally as good as I am.
Or lets say he is a few percent better than I am.
I spend with him one night, you know.
To help him for tomorrows contest.
And that night he will never forget.

The new thing is, that he has to scream while he is posing.
They all look at you! You’re screaming and that’s it.
And I taught him how to do it you know

The higher you put your arms up, the higher you make a screaming noise. And the lower your arms come down, you know, the lower your screaming noise.